Sexy blue hair and even sexier cat hat



Leah Mae Lozano


Feb. 19, 1997


Cloud. Not a cotton swab and NOT a robot.

Other forms

Mr. Party & Pimp Daddy


pimp, part-time stripper, streaker, computer loser, party master, pianist (bad), singer (worse), guitarist (worst), DJ


Currently in wheelchair (see Leah's wheelchair pusher). Very unhealthy most of the time.


Leah Mae Lozano was born on February 19, 1997. Other names include Pimp Daddy (Percy Daddson), and Mr. Party. She owns a big white van with barely any windows and a nice waterbed in the back. She is best known for her pimping and party skillz. Her pimpin team mates are Lil' Mama (Lilly McMom) and Prossy (Pamela Shmamela E.D. Head Prosecutor of State Representatives). She is the head child abductor, who mainly targets very young children, who are at just the right age to scar them for life with passionate, flappy dance moves. In her lamest form, she is in a wheelchair. She likes to think she is the face of health, but really is dying in front of a computer. See Leah's Wheelchair Pusher .


Leah has been accused of being a cotton swab. That was proven wrong when she began to rain on Phoenix, Arizona to make the Oh My Boys regret never emailing her.

She was also accused of being a robot, for "initiating tear sequence" every time she cried. She often makes "bzt" sounds and shows little emotion towards Lilly's near death experiences. What near death experiences, you ask? That is for New Mexico to know, and you to find out.

Jail TimeEdit

For being a successful pimp and a major factor in the child abduction issue, Leah has been sentenced to many years of prison by the federal court. Too bad she has mad skillz and can escape! Heh heh heh....

On the JobEdit

An example of Leah's pimping skillz. She is wearing a sexy, classic pimp uniform: