Tropic rain

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Tropical Rain is the band formed by Lilly, Sophia, and Leah, otherwise known as The Yar Squad. They currently have 6 hit singles. None of which are very good.


Shining Stars

First song. Only song with music video.

Walking the Dogs

Instrumental with seperate lyrics for live singing

My Time

Written by Lilly. Never earned a melody. Cry.

With Jefferson

Live studio recording with guitar and vocals.

Candy Lovin

Possibly the 2nd worst song next to shining stars.

I Lurve Wade

Freestyle verse with live guitars.


Shining Stars

The stars are shining, to get on home OH YEAH

get up, grow up, get out, go home, stay there, we don't want you here

i need my personal spaaacceeee......

in my own universe

Walking the Dogs

We're walking the know we are...

It's time to go walk the dogs

going to da park....*bark bark!*

I know dat you want me boi

i'm walkin WHAT? i'm walkin WHAT? I'm walking my canine companion

who i am and what i do, what i see and that's my dog

i'm walkin... he's struttin... we're movin it...

My Time Lost lyrics.
With Jefferson

Jefferson, I'll have your babies!

You're probably the sexiest thing alive

Massage me Jefferson

and I'll lick your favorite place!

All night with Jefferson...

All night with Jefferson...

All night with Jefferson...

Let's go to our favorite place

so we can be all alone

we'll go to monster mountain

together we'll make children

With your nose and gorgeous ears...

My SUCCULENT BUNS and beautiful legs

Under the moon, in the ocean. With Jefferson.

Doing everything WITH JEFFERSON

Sweet Sweet Love

I'll be your sugar cube

You'll be my candycane

I'll be your lollipop

You'll be my gummy bear


Add a dollop of whipped cream

And a dab of sprinkles

BABAY! I'm your chocolate sauce...

I'll melt on you....

We're making pop rocks


I'll be your sugar cube

You'll be my candycane

I'll be your lollipop

You'll be my gummy bear


I'll be your sugar mama, sugar daddy!!!!

I Lurve Wade

part one

Wa-ade, wa-ade, wa-ade

Wade i need you in my payayayayaannts

I need you in my payayayanntssss

I wanna be all naked with youuu

We gon' be all naked together we'll be like streakers in the niiiigghhhttt

oh wade.... OH WAAAAAADE!!!!

part two

Wayayaya yaaaaaaa aaaaaaaadddeee

ooooh *spoken word* this goes out to you Wade, baby. For all those dreams I have about you. I just licked the recorder. Lemme get the guitar. Here.

YOU KNOW I LURVE YOU but you don't lurve me back!

You chose me over your.... mari...marijuana!

And I LOVE you!

Strike that, I LURVE YOUUU!


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